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Our people are the foundation of the practice. They are committed to the idea of collaboration and collegiality and we have a culture of independence and responsibility, something evident in all of our projects.

TKD Architects is a flexible and family friendly workplace. We have consciously developed and nurtured a culture where the whole team feels comfortable in making their own individual choices for a work / life balance that is informed by a professional commitment to our clients and to other members of their project team.

We foster an environment with opportunities for continuing professional development and career development and we help everyone reach their greatest potential through regular feedback and consultation.

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Akash Chopra
Albert Cordero
Anabella Lecordier
Annabelle Risk
Beatriz Jam de Leon
Benjamin Roffey
Cha Lu
Chloe Pellicer
Daniel Milgrom
Darcy Weber
Emily Su
Flynn Cooray
Flynn Fielding
Ilsa Rosset
Jack Hartland
Jack Morgan
Jackie Ho
Jake Fornasaro
James Robertson
Jane Wang
Jenny Snowdon
Jesamina Hawke
Jocelyn Jackson
Kate Kay
Lucy Rimondi
Luka Enstrom-Gibb
Marta Gawin-Koperny
Melanie Schonfeld
Michelle Beck
Olivia Turner
Roger Tang
Rory Bourke
Roy Lumby
Scott McNamara
Tristan Schmidt
York Yu
TKD office view