Tanner Kibble Denton Architects

Aryan Mansor

B.Arch (Hons I)
BA (Arch)
Registered Architect
NSW Registration - 8444

With two decades of experience in the industry Aryan has had the opportunity to work on both local and international projects in a variety of scales, budgets and types. Working as a design manager for the client has also helped her better understand the different perspectives of the various stakeholders on a project.

I believe that communication is key when faced with complex issues on a project, whether it be working up a preliminary design or resolving a site issue. A human-centred approach, good collaboration and the ability to adapt and resolve creatively while maintaining the integrity of the design ensures that the best result for a project can be achieved.

Knowing that we can make a positive difference to how someone experiences a beautiful new home, a collaborative classroom, a flexible workspace or an engaging public space provides me with satisfaction and joy in what I do everyday as an architect on these projects.

I have wanted to be an architect since I was 13 when I wrote an essay on what I wanted to do when I grow up. There’s always something new to learn in architecture- new technology, construction methods and new ways of living, learning and working that evolve as societies do. Even though many buildings are built to last beyond our lifetime, I think architecture is dynamic and we as architects work to make it adapt for the needs of the times.

I enjoy the combination of arts and science that makes architecture- the process of making something tangible that can contribute to the experience of a place and make a difference to a person or a community using that space.  It is the feeling that I contributed that fills my cup.