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Oliver Petrie

NSW Registration - 10495

Oliver has experience in a wide range of sectors including; education, commercial, residential and stadia, working through all
project phases, from feasibility and concept through to tender and construction.


Design has always been a driving force within my life, starting well before architectural career and continuing to this day.  This passion drives me to constantly explore and push the boundaries of every design to refine and resolve it to the best it can be.

In more than a decade in the profession I have had the opportunity to work on a large variety of projects in multiple countries and with varying size and typologies, from houses all the way up to stadiums.  This varied experience has helped me formulate a method of working that allows me to be agile and respond to the varying complexities throughout a project’s life.

Creating buildings is a complex process and I believe it requires a collaborative effort with the client, consultants, builders and community.  With solid communication this process can lead to fantastic opportunities and elevate projects well beyond the brief.

I believe architecture can combine the best of the artistic and the practical to address the key client, social, environmental and economic needs within the project and the wider context.