Tanner Kibble Denton Architects

Mel Mackenzie

B.Design (Interior Design)
(Hons I)

Mel is a Principal of the Practice and has led our Interior Design Team for over 9 years. Initially studying Architecture, Mel moved to Interior Design after a couple of years when she realised her interests were in the impact that well designed and beautiful interior spaces can have for individuals, families and communities. Since graduating with the University Medal in 1996, she has been involved in all aspects of interior design - client liaison, design, documentation and contract administration on various sized projects. After working in London and Sydney for differing sized firms and on different project types, she ran her own practice for 15 years. It was the interesting variety of project types and scales as well as a desire to practice collaboratively that made her decide to wind down her company and join TKD Architects. She is an active communicator and has over 20 years experience working with stakeholders and clients to successfully deliver projects.


Interior Design within Architecture
It is a strong belief of mine that the architecture and interior design of any project should be one integrated solution and seamlessly considered from the start of any project. Interior design should be humanistic in approach and focus on a sensory, wellbeing and functional outcomes whilst meeting the brief. The blurred lines between what is architecture and what is interior design is exciting, dynamic and where great design happens. It is where TKD as an architectural company with a strong interior design focus has an advantage and can deliver well considered, holistic projects that are beautiful to experience.