Tanner Kibble Denton Architects

Asta Chow

Associate Director
B.Sc. (Arch)
NSW Registration - 6921

Asta joined TKD Architects in 2006 and, as a Associate Director, is responsible for the full range of services in the practice. She has most recently been focusing on contemporary education projects as well as some significant public projects.


I grew up in a family of architects, so it wasn’t surprising that I became one. I also love making things, in any medium. After thirty years in practice I have come to understand that the making of architecture is the most satisfying of all mediums.

As a maker, I believe that one needs to understand every aspect of architecture. From decoding the brief, to conceptual design, working out the materiality, the controls and constraints, how to put it together, all the way through to construction and delivery. There is not one aspect more important than the other and I like to be involved in every element. I have been fortunate to work on a wide variety of projects, to collaborate with colleagues, clients, consultants and builders. Working together to create buildings that would impact users, society, or be able to bring a significant building back to life through restoration and adaptive reuse, knowing that these buildings will probably outlast my time.