Tanner Kibble Denton Architects

Paul Dyson

Associate Director
B.Arch (Hons)
NSW Registration - 8119

With 25 years' experience at TKD Architects, Paul has realised a number of different project types and appreciates the effort required at all phases of a project. He is experienced in educational and institutional projects but has also worked on adaptive reuse and new commercial buildings.


Designing and Building is a wonderful process and over the past 30 years I have come to see it, in its purest form, as being linear and elegant. I believe in what I do. Design can be as simple as putting together a Lego model or it can be as complex as a good game of chess. I believe that a genuine collaborative approach, from the very first sketch to the smiles at the handover, is essential to producing the best outcome. Clients, builders, subcontractors, consultants- all working together.

I have seen the construction industry and the architectural profession change significantly. Witnessing these changes and feeling the effect of them, has galvanised my views on the aspects of the processes of designing and building that, through experience, I have come to regard as being timeless. The process should also be enjoyable for all involved, understanding and respecting that time is precious, this is a positive experience, with a worthy outcome.