Tanner Kibble Denton Architects

Lachlan Rowe

B.Arch (Hons)
NSW Registration - 8390

Lachlan is a Principal and project lead on many of our residential projects. Joining the practice in 2004, Lachlan has been responsible for the delivery of a range of residential projects from the compact and intricate to the broad and complex in both urban and regional settings. Lachlan contributes to all aspects of the practice including mentoring, training, social events and marketing. He is also an avid architectural photographer capturing many of our finished projects.


Design and building have been a passion of mine since childhood and there are no better opportunities for synthesising these two than in the practice of architecture. Whether it was my early, childhood experiments in cobbling together a go-kart or a major building today, the joy of taking ideas and drawings through to a living, functioning reality has not diminished.

Architectural design is not to be created in a vacuum but comes from a relationship with and understanding of the client, their brief, the character of the site and any other influences on the project all of which contribute to a bespoke, sustainable and quality outcome. I seek a collaborative and inclusive process as it is my experience that this collective curation of ideas and expertise leads to the most-considered and enduring result for the project. I’ve had the privilege to work with great clients on their exciting homes and look forward to every new possibility and the continuing process of the design and building of architecture.