Tanner Kibble Denton Architects

Camila Restrepo


Camila has been working as both an interior and architectural designer for more than 15 years. Camila utilises her architectural training in her interior design solutions to integrate the broader architectural intent into the interior details of each space. Her experience in both the US and Colombia informs her design sensibilities and influences her ability to find beautiful and responsive design solutions. Her recent involvement in a range of workplace and educational buildings has shown her ability to bring delight and enjoyment to the users of the spaces.

Design is my opportunity to make an idea derived from the initial client briefing and a sense of place, become a tangible end product. It is the opportunity to impact individuals through careful design of spaces that respond to the brief and deliver the client much more than they initially anticipated. Getting the balance between functionality and aesthetics, shape, and colour is the goal in all my projects.

I always have to be busy and enjoy the thrill of a fast-paced project that requires complex resolution. I love working with colour, texture and light to provide sculptural and dynamic interior solutions.

I enjoy the challenge of making a random, forgettable space memorable. I feel that creating functional, beautiful, and sustainable spaces is my contribution to my clients and society.