Tanner Kibble Denton Architects

The Centenary Theatre at Taronga Zoo

Borogegal Country / Cammeraygal Country / Mosman
Taronga Conservation Society

With an arrival plaza overlooking the giraffe enclosure and Sydney Harbour, the 160-seat Centenary theatre is thoughtfully sited within the Taronga Zoo visitor arrival sequence. The building is a softly-rounded, timber-clad form with a generous overhanging roof following the site contours. While a memorable building, the scale and palette of materials sits comfortably within the zoo landscape. Internally, the auditorium is furnished with bespoke-designed timber and steel seating and a 25-metre wrap-around screen for audio-visual presentations. Sound programmes accompanying the presentations are carefully modulated with internal timber cladding and careful acoustical design.

Photography: Brett Boardman


Intergrain Timber Vision Awards, Commendation for Exterior Commercial