Tanner Kibble Denton Architects

Heiron has been a key member in a number of commercial and education projects from schematic design to construction. She has been with TKD Architects since 2014 and has gained valuable experience with our school infrastructure projects.


My values in architecture are centred around a dialogue of design quality, technical excellence and curiosity. The process in architecture is diverse with an abundance of ways to achieve the best outcome. As determined as I am to ensure that the integrity of language and character in architecture is maintained, I’ve learnt to be adaptable and understanding when encountering design challenges. I enjoy the collaborative approach between clients, builders and consultants, collectively moving towards a common goal. I’ve been fortunate to be involved in projects that have a positive impact towards local communities. This has a profound significance on me and it instils what I have always endeavoured to achieve in the profession – to make a change and contribute to society.

Since joining TKD Architects in 2013, Jordan has worked on numerous commercial and high-end residential projects, such as the Fairfax Residence and Burwood Library and Community Hub.


I have always been curious about the way things are and how they are made. As a young child, I used drawing and model-making to test ideas and better understand something. Similarly, architecture is an iterative process, understanding a brief and how spaces can come together to achieve it.

Good design involves thoughtful reflection on the brief, the site and its history, and use of materials that are both enjoyable to experience and tread softly on the planet. Often the best designs are the most simple, or those that can reuse what’s already there in a new or different way. The most satisfying part of the job is working as team to develop ideas and resolve challenges, as you collectively bring an idea to life. There is something very special in creating a place that others live in, experience or simply pass by and notice.

Oliver has experience in a wide range of sectors including; education, commercial, residential and stadia, working through all
project phases, from feasibility and concept through to tender and construction.


Design has always been a driving force within my life, starting well before architectural career and continuing to this day.  This passion drives me to constantly explore and push the boundaries of every design to refine and resolve it to the best it can be.

In more than a decade in the profession I have had the opportunity to work on a large variety of projects in multiple countries and with varying size and typologies, from houses all the way up to stadiums.  This varied experience has helped me formulate a method of working that allows me to be agile and respond to the varying complexities throughout a project’s life.

Creating buildings is a complex process and I believe it requires a collaborative effort with the client, consultants, builders and community.  With solid communication this process can lead to fantastic opportunities and elevate projects well beyond the brief.

I believe architecture can combine the best of the artistic and the practical to address the key client, social, environmental and economic needs within the project and the wider context.

With two decades of experience in the industry Aryan has had the opportunity to work on both local and international projects in a variety of scales, budgets and types. Working as a design manager for the client has also helped her better understand the different perspectives of the various stakeholders on a project.

I believe that communication is key when faced with complex issues on a project, whether it be working up a preliminary design or resolving a site issue. A human-centred approach, good collaboration and the ability to adapt and resolve creatively while maintaining the integrity of the design ensures that the best result for a project can be achieved.

Knowing that we can make a positive difference to how someone experiences a beautiful new home, a collaborative classroom, a flexible workspace or an engaging public space provides me with satisfaction and joy in what I do everyday as an architect on these projects.

I have wanted to be an architect since I was 13 when I wrote an essay on what I wanted to do when I grow up. There’s always something new to learn in architecture- new technology, construction methods and new ways of living, learning and working that evolve as societies do. Even though many buildings are built to last beyond our lifetime, I think architecture is dynamic and we as architects work to make it adapt for the needs of the times.

I enjoy the combination of arts and science that makes architecture- the process of making something tangible that can contribute to the experience of a place and make a difference to a person or a community using that space.  It is the feeling that I contributed that fills my cup.




Camila has been working as both an interior and architectural designer for more than 15 years. Camila utilises her architectural training in her interior design solutions to integrate the broader architectural intent into the interior details of each space. Her experience in both the US and Colombia informs her design sensibilities and influences her ability to find beautiful and responsive design solutions. Her recent involvement in a range of workplace and educational buildings has shown her ability to bring delight and enjoyment to the users of the spaces.

Design is my opportunity to make an idea derived from the initial client briefing and a sense of place, become a tangible end product. It is the opportunity to impact individuals through careful design of spaces that respond to the brief and deliver the client much more than they initially anticipated. Getting the balance between functionality and aesthetics, shape, and colour is the goal in all my projects.

I always have to be busy and enjoy the thrill of a fast-paced project that requires complex resolution. I love working with colour, texture and light to provide sculptural and dynamic interior solutions.

I enjoy the challenge of making a random, forgettable space memorable. I feel that creating functional, beautiful, and sustainable spaces is my contribution to my clients and society.