23 March 2020

COVID – 19 | Response Plan Advisory Note
TKD Architects like all businesses is working through the complex issues of providing a safe workplace and continued operations at a time when things are changing very rapidly. How should we react to government advice, business sentiment and our own staff concerns? Based on current Australian Government advice we have made the following changes to the way we operate and we hope that you will understand and respect our position:
Social Distancing remains central to our approach and we now respond to the current NSW Government position that all non-essential services should be shut down so that from 24 March 2020:
• TKD Architects will be working 100% remotely.
• Our office in Surry Hills will now be closed with access only for essential maintenance
• All meetings will be held by electronically using MS Teams and Zoom.
• Any external physical meeting will only be possible if no other means of communication is possible, and government regulations allow a meeting to occur.
• Construction site inspections will only be possible if clear controls are in place and government regulations allow inspections to occur. TKD staff will request that a COVID-19 response plan is in place and this must be sighted before any TKD staff will attend a construction work site. All requests for meetings of this nature must be authorised by the TKD Managing Director.
• Any TKD staff member attending a meeting or inspection must maintain a 1.5m separation from other people.
• Finally, we cannot shake hands. This small gesture runs against deeply ingrained culture in all of us and it is hard. Do not be offended but understand we will shake hands again when this is all over.
Our staff will be able to access the office servers and have the ability to communicate with their teams during the period of remote work, however this will not be easy and productivity will not be same as normal but we will keep working in these circumstances and do our best to remain responsive. Please note that we have shortened our work day by 1 hour due to current and projected reductions in workload and to reflect productivity losses. Please respect this change to the ability of our staff to attend to particular project needs.
Please be assured that we want to continue to work with you and we will stay in touch providing any updates and changes to our situation.
We wish you good health for your staff, your families and community in this time of uncertainty.
Yours sincerely
Alex Kibble
Principal, Managing Director
NSW Registration No. 6015